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DropSig 09-12-2004 10:21 PM

Digital Camera (NOW!!!!)
Hello every one here i got a problem that i have to solve WITHIN the next 12 hours.: (MAX)
If it means to let someone who know how to do it in my computer to solve it, I'll do it.... Here is what it is.
By 1:00 PM Canada eastern time i have to copy picture from a digital camera (Kodak Easy Share CX 6330) To my HD. They are picture of jewlery made of 15ooo years old fossolized walurs. Im sure most of you will realize what this means... ... ...
The Kodak will LEAVE my hand by 1:00PM.
I'm running a compaq 200 mhz whith Slackware 9.1.
The camera is being connected through USB.
I have rc.hotplug running.
For graphic software i have only the one thatr comes with Slack.
Any help is More than welcome( it is needed....)
Thank you all.

RolledOat 09-13-2004 12:25 AM

Your kernel should support USB mass storage directly. When you plug the camera in, and turn it on, do you see /mnt/flash or /mnt/camara if, in a console, you

more /etc/fstab

? If you do, simply start your file manager and move/copy the photos off. You can create an icon on your desktop and select the device to be mounted.

Barring that, you can manually mount it. You can mount it directly as a mass storage device, and then simply navigate it like a hard drive, floppy, etc.

If that is too daunting, then...

See if you have any of the common tools
gphoto2 <enter>
digikam <enter>
gtkam <enter> {GUI front end to gphoto2)

If not, you can try any of them. With ghoto2, for example...

download and install ghoto2

After it is installed,
Plug the camera in, turn it on

ghoto2 --auto-detect

you should then be able to

ghoto2 -P

You can also download any front end to ghoto2 that you want to try.


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