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xzibit-d12 06-11-2008 11:34 PM

Dell Vostro 1500 sound,webcam,wirless, dvd playback problems
Greetings to all. i just got a dell 1500 vostro lap top with the following specs core 2 duo intel processor 1.4Ghz each, Intel graphic card, 2 gig of RAM, 120Gb samsung hdd. it came with a web cam. since i got it i've made it to dual boot with xp home edition and ubuntu 7.10. I did not use a DVD to install rather i got a free cd in the mail. i feel that the applications that came on the CD are much less than the DVD, hence they lead to my problems. My sound does not work on ubuntu, the OS does not recognize the presence of my internal wirless card, gstreamer does not allow me to use the sound or have dvd playback. most of the material i've got to fix these problems refer to "apt get install" commands but i always get an error E: Could not find package ...
are there any posts in this formum to help and is there anyway i can solve these problems in good time.


emi_ramo 06-12-2008 06:10 AM

Do you have Internet connection? If so, check your repositories at /etc/apt/sources.list . If you have something similar to this:


deb gutsy-security main restricted
deb-src gutsy-security main restricted
deb gutsy-security universe
deb-src gutsy-security universe
deb gutsy-security multiverse
deb-src gutsy-security multiverse

I'ts ok. Then, you'll need to do an


sudo apt-get update
to take packages info from repositories. Once it's done, you can go on installing your favourite programs. Probably, it will be nice to you to add a ubuntu media repository: go to => "Respositories howto" and follow instructions.

See you!!


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