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murtix 03-23-2002 05:57 PM

Dell Inspiron 8200 LAN card???
Hi guys,

I am new in the club, and my first post is gonna be about the Dell Laptops, new one, 8200 Inspiron. I read about the previous posts, but the LAN card is not asked (at least I did not see it) Anyways,

Is the Onboard Integrated NIC card of Inspiron 8200 works fine with Redhat 7.2? Because there is 2 selections there, 1 is Integrated NIC card and second one is 3COM 10/100 Ethernet II Card. And of course I dont want to spend a lot money on this. (It is alrady a fortune)



finegan 03-23-2002 06:46 PM

The integrated card is almost undoubtedly a 3com 905 family member. Dell and 3com tend to be somewhat married to one another in this regard which is a good thing as linux support of 3com gear is phenomenal. The kernel module you are looking to use is 3c59x. Yeah, I know the version numbers aren't the same, Linux driver support tens to get clumped and there isn't a whole lot of chipset difference between the 3com 59x's and the 905s. From the command line, you can try:

modprobe 3c59x

and then try:


If you see at the end of dmesg a whole bunch of goop after eth0: then it bound the driver properly to your card. There's a gui config way of doing this, but I loathe to get into that unless you really direly want to know, and it will differ between kde and gnome.



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