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dissectional 07-14-2005 08:09 AM

Dell D610 Docking Station + Fedora 4 Display Issues
I'm having some difficulty getting my docked Dell D610 Laptop working as desired under Fedora 4.

Undocked, Fedora recognises the card and the resolution of the laptop screen without any problems ( ATI Mobility X300, 1400x1050 screen ) but as soon as I connect it to my docking station with a 21" Trinitron screen attached ( a Dell P1130 ) it is unable to display at 1600x1200.

Instead, it skews the 1400x1050 desktop and tries to fit it on the monitor in 1280x1024. Its really quite weird. I've forced "1600x1200" in every section of my X conf and also removed all other resolutions in an attempt to force it - no such luck. I've tried applying dual head, single screens, etc. I have also tried connecting the monitor directly to the laptop at the back but still cannot get it to display in 1600x1200. Fedora's display options do allow the option of selecting 1600x1200 - but choosing them does nothing, even after rebooting or logging out of X.

Yes, the hardware is capable of this, as my dual boot into Windows XP performs this just fine ( 1600x1200 @ 85 Hz )

I'm a little bit stuck here, so if anyone has experienced similar issues, could you please let me know. Particluary any suggesting pertaining to docked laptop displays.

Thanks guys,

- Shane

kekkone 05-15-2006 03:53 AM

Any solution for this?
I have the exactly same problem but with the FC 5. I have tried everything but I haven't succeeded to get higher resolution than 1400x1050.

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