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jamess 10-10-2006 11:54 PM

Debian Tascam us-122 shows up midi only
Really. This has to be so obvious that no one else has had the experience.

I have followed the hotplug instructions. Then I found out on 2 of the distros I have installed udev was in place so I set up 55-tascam.rules as perscribed. On 64studio both hotplug and udev are in place and it seems to recognize the us-122 out of the box.

The lights come on and jack sees it (and all the cat /proc stuff looks good) but it show as midi and midi through, no audio.

If I start up audacity it seems to allow me to configure the us-122 as an input device but seems to record just a lot of noise. No test audio gets thru.

I have been working on this for a while and feel I just must be blind. I can find nothing on google or in a forum that addresses this issue.

Other good but lame questions:

When to use udev?

When to use hotplug?

The must be information that most of the people that are using this stuff take for granted as common sense.

Any suggestions or debates on these issues will be welcomed.

James Scott

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