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ludeKing 11-02-2004 02:14 AM

D-Link DSL-200 Rev B DSL modem -- success!!
Well, its been a rough journey. I have read lots and printed lots of doco's, finally, I have gotten it working! yay! Note, this is for the UPRIGHT modem, there is a D-Link DSL-200 Modem that sits flat like a normal external modem, there are good instructions for that one out there, but this isn't for that!

heres how:

1. Downloaded the drivers from here:

2. Installed the drivers according to the instructions that were supplied with the drivers.


          INSTALLATION :
              All you have to do is to run in a console or a terminal:
                ./configure --with-chipset=GS7470
                make clean
                As "root": make install
            - synch53.bin
              + for modems :        D-Link DSL200 rev B (see also synch55.bin)
                                                      Xavi X7005Q2
              + non special parameters needed.
            - synch55.bin
              + for modems :        D-Link DSL200 rev B (see also synch53.bin)
              + non special parameters needed.

Now I didn't undertstand what the above meant at first, but now I do!

First, copy the synch53.bin and synch55.bin to /etc/eciadsl/ .These are the binary files that are required by this particular modem. There are several modems supported by the same dirvers, so you need a diff synchXX.bin file. but its all explainmed in the docs with the drivers. These files are located in the source code directory from the drivers.

3. ran '' as root. I needed to do this because the params that were being plugged into the generated scripts weren't corret. I didn't know this till I ran probe_device! Anyway, ran that, probed my modem (it must be plugged in) and got the VID and PID params from it.
Write them down!

4. ran 'eciconftxt.xh' as root.
There is a GUI prog called '' which seems to automate this, but I preferred the scripts as I could enter everything manually (which I needed to do anyway).
I manaully entered my username, password, DNS server addresses and the most important part, the VID and PID values that I got from the before and I specified the 'synch53.bin' file as well. Strangely, all these values were wrong for my modem, but putting the right ones in fixed that right up!

5. then plugged in my modem, ran 'startmodem' as root, it did some startup config and then I was connected! Booted up 'Firefox' and here I am!

Hope this helps!
p.s and I hope it works on reboot. which I am going to try right now!

Bretto 03-11-2007 06:32 PM

I am a first timer with Ubuntu.

How do I do all this? Make directory and copy files over. I have the same USB modem. I really want to get away from Windows. Can you please type the exact commands I need to run to get it working


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