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BobNutfield 05-14-2006 03:07 AM

Cordless phone shuts down router
Hi Everyone,

This is not strictly related to Linux, but it shuts down mu Linux connections when it happens.

It's basically this: I use a Belkin wired/wireless ADSL router. The main desktop is wired ehternet and the laptop connects wirelessly. The router ADSL connect to a filtered phone socket about six feet away. The home phone is a cordless phone (not sure of the mHZ, but it is a fairly new one.) Whenever this phone rings and is in use, the router's ADSL modem shuts down and I lose my broadband connection. When the phone is hung up, I cannot regain a connection until the router is rebooted (by unplugging and replugging the power since I cannot even connect to the router's software until I do this.) After a hard reboot, the connection is restored.

I have a filter on the phone connection (separate connection upstairs) which makes no difference. I have read of similar problems, but nothing quite like this. I was under the impression that cordless phone operated on a completely different band than wireless routers, which operate on the 2.4gHZ band. I also have a transmitter downstair which send the TV signal upstairs which also knocks out the connection, however, this little device operates on the same band (2.4GHZ) so I can understand this one.

Anyone have any ideas on how to configure this setup to stop this annoying problem?

Any advice or help greatly appreciated.


Lenard 05-14-2006 06:06 AM

Sounds like the cordless phone also uses 2.4 Ghz, look up (using google) the phone make and model to be sure.

FYI: some cordless phones use 900 Mhz, some 2.4 GHz, some 5.2 GHz and others use 450 MHz

BobNutfield 05-14-2006 11:11 AM

Thanks, Lenard.

I googled for an hour and could not find any information on the band of this phone. It is a Panasonic Kx-TC725E, and while I found similar model numbers (I am sure this one is no longer made) none of the specs information showed any information about the broadcast band. For that matter, no phone I found specs for indicated what band it uses. Seemed strange as I would have figured this would have been useful information for most owners.

At any rate, I sure you are correct. Unless I get a new phone, I guess I will have to put up with this one.

Thanks for your help


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