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Trygleren 08-27-2004 11:05 AM

Controlling /dev-device for USB-Mp3player (and other)

I'm currently using a USB-harddrive and a USB-mp3player on my debian box. The problem is, that my fstab is never correct, since the order of which the devices are connected, determines where they are mounted under /dev/. Sometimes the mp3player is mounted as sda1, other times sdb1. This makes it very difficult to maintain a static list of mount points.

Is there any way of controlling what mount point a device is given under /dev/ ? A way that I can 'reserve' sda1 for my mp3player and sdb1 for my external harddrive?

r0b0 08-28-2004 03:54 AM

Yes it is. You need kernel 2.6 and udev.
When you get this working, you can write rules for udev to assign devices to device files. See

Trygleren 08-30-2004 05:15 AM

Worked like a charm - thx a million :-)

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