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rogue_jedi 03-14-2004 06:23 PM

connecting to a windows shared printer in slackware 9.1
hello. i just got a samsung laser printer and set it up as a shared printer on the windows 2000 box in the living room. i want to set it p as a network printer on my linux box in my room, so i don't have to copy it to a network drive and then go print it in the living room. it's just easier this way:p

question is: how do i do this? my dad knows more about linux than i do and got networked printers running under redhat using cups through their config tool. however, he doesn't know how to do it under linux, and slackware isn't very user-friendly. anyone know what i need to do to make this work? (just a general how-to is all i'm asking, i can figure stuff out pretty well, but this has me stumped a bit)

o yeah me = linux :newbie:


maroonbaboon 03-16-2004 06:32 AM

Are you running Samba? Otherwise how do you see the W2k network drives?

If you use the CUPS web admin tool (http://localhost:631/admin) to add a new printer you will seen an option to add a 'Windows printer via SAMBA'.

For the full, excruciating, technical detail there is also the SAMBA HOWTO at and various mirrors.

yelo 03-16-2004 10:07 AM

If you are using cups, that will work well. remember that the location of the printer is - smb://WORKGROUP_NAME/COMPUTER_NAME/PRINTER_SHARE_NAME
If you are having trouble with cups(as I did, I think swaret broke it), you can use pkgtool to uninstall cups, and lpr. then, reinstall lpr from the slackware cd.
with lpr, a nice setup tool to set it up is the one which comes with apsfilter.
This tool can be found on a slackware system by typing: /usr/share/apsfilter/SETUP

I am using both these methods I described above, the cups method on a debian box, the lpr method on a slackware box.

If you are also using KDE, there is also a nice setup tool in the control center.

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