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tarballedtux 12-19-2001 07:08 PM

Compatible Linux Modems
What is the most compatible linux modem?

DavidPhillips 12-19-2001 08:58 PM

The port is not the problem, it is the chip. Some modems do not have one and are not real modems.

The most supported modems would be a serial external hardware modem.

There are plenty of internal modems that work also.

check the hardware compatability list for your distro.

taz.devil 12-19-2001 09:35 PM

Re: Compatible Linux Modems

Originally posted by tarballedtux
What is the most compatible linux modem?

David's pretty much right on with the modems. The only real rule of thumb is to try and stay away from PCI modems as they are usually Winmodems (A.K.A. software controlled) and it won't work, if you get one that does, it takes alot of crap to get it to work right. ISA modems are always hardware controlled modems, so they are good n safe. My best modem ever was a 56k ISA USRobotics. But best of all as David said is an external serial. USB's aren't even that good, usually software controlled also.

trickykid 12-20-2001 02:37 AM

Best Data makes a ISA hardware modem, I think runs around 30 bucks right now. The box even states its Linux compatible cause it is cause I use to use them in my boxes when I had dialup.

PuterFreaK 12-20-2001 01:54 PM

On the front of my USR modem, the Preformance Pro (sp??), it says that it is compatiable with linux. I have tested it with redhat and had no problems getting on the net (duing the time that my cable was down)...

As much as I hate USR for being just plain idiots, they do somewhat support linux.

Aussie 12-21-2001 12:14 AM

I totally agree with getting an external modem that connects via the serial port, ther are some usb external modems that are fully hardware but even those are a pain to get working.

FuriousGnu 12-27-2001 11:35 AM

I had an internal US Robotics (ISA) and that worked fine under Linux. When I upgraded, however, my new mainboard had no ISA slots. I ended up getting a US Robotics external serial modem. It works great. It was a bit expensive, but it was the only one I could find that wasn't Windows only.

lopoetve 11-05-2002 10:21 PM

The USR PCI hardware modem (It will say Hardware modem, NOT WINMODEM on the front) works too, but you often have to manually configure it.

trickykid 11-06-2002 01:04 AM

moved: its a hardware question, so i moved it to the proper forum, which is Linux - Hardware.

GT I.N.C 11-06-2002 01:44 AM

lopoetve you revived a fairly old thread :p make sure you look at the last post date before replying, though your post may help some people, but the thread is kinda old :p

Just thought i would let you know...

#Garry :D

lopoetve 11-06-2002 12:41 PM

/me smacks head. Hey, it was only a year old :p

That's what I get for not paying attention and staring at one too many kernel compile pages... :p Most of the forums I visit are so bloody active that anything that comes up in a search is only a month old, at the worst... :D

bseven 11-07-2002 08:48 PM

i'm having problems to get my usb cable modem work in Mandrake 9.0
i'm a newbie
so...where do i start ?
my cable modem is a 3COM 3CR29221
but don't know how to install it.....and connect to internet

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