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rockhopper_penguin 11-05-2013 02:10 PM

chown lvm2-partition
Hi, I installed Debian on a SSD, previously used Centos on a regular sata-hd. I figured I could transfer files from my home directory to my new drive and then format my regular sata hd. However Centos seems to have locked the partition which contains my home directories.

The drive is called /dev/sdb3/ and the directory would be /home/Rockhopper it is partitioned in ext4 and disk utility sees it as LVM2.

I cannot access it, because Debian sees me as not the owner. I'm looking for a command to override the ownership. I tried chown root /dev/sdb3/ put spits out 'not a directory'. (Logical reaction, however not familiar enough with the terminal to give the right command.)

Please help?

rockhopper_penguin 11-05-2013 02:27 PM

Never mind, found out.

Installed LVM2 afterwards I could see partition. Also gave me a directory: /media/xxx chowned that, now accessible with terminal, not graphically but good enough.

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