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creature124 02-04-2008 08:48 PM

Certain CD's locking CD drive

Twice now I have tried to put Call of Duty 2 CD's into my cd rom drive for the purposes of copy the files to my hard disk so that I can install the game from the hard drive under Wine. Disc 1 works just fine, but All of the other disks (2-6) appear not to. When I put them in my drive, they appear to mount correctly but then deny me access. A padlock symbol appears over the folder in Dolphin, and attempting to access the folder returns an error:

Could not enter folder /media/cdrom0
Attempting at access the folder through the Konsole provides a slightly more informative message:


creature124@creature-lappy:/media$ cd cdrom0
bash: cd: cdrom0: Permission denied

Is this some kind of copy protection on the discs, or some glitch with the file permissions? Let me know if there sany information you need, and I'll provide it as soon as possible.


Simon Bridge 02-04-2008 09:31 PM

ls -dl /media/cdrom0

Compare the permissions with the first CD.
It is unlikely that the CD is set up to use unix permissions, but it is possible that some other form of access control is used. (So the CDs are only accessed by the running game for eg.)

Presumably you have attempted to install the game to WINE the normal way?

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