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kryptobs2000 06-21-2004 09:10 AM

cd burner problems, SCSI emulation help?
I'm trying to use k3b. I have a lite-on 52x24x52cd-rw drive.

I get this when starting the prog:

cdrdao 1.1.7 does not support ATAPI
The configured version of cdrdao does not support writing to ATAPI devices without SCSI emulation and there is at least one writer in your system not configured to use SCSI emulation.
Solution: The best and recommended solution is to enable ide-scsi (SCSI emulation) for all writer devices. This way you won't have any problems. Or you install (or select as the default) a more recent version of cdrdao.

I searched on google and I found a guide on how to enable scsi emulation, so I did, recompiled my kernel. Did w/e else it said, I forgot, and still it dosn't work. I also now have tons of insmod erros when booting up. I dunno if that would be helpful it prob. would, if so where do I go to see the log of what it says, should I post it? Havn't used linux in awhile, and I forgot most of what I knew, and I didn't know that much then. I'm using slackware 9.1.

NF7-S v2
9700 pro
2500+ @ 2410mhz

Anything else you need to know? thx

b0uncer 06-21-2004 09:15 AM

if the scsi-emulation is enabled in your kernel, then change your bootloaders configuration...if you use Grub, just add this at the end of the kernel line:


where X is c, d etc. the burner device like hdc or hdd. like this one:

kernel /boot/bzImage root=/dev/discs/disc0/part5 hdd=ide-scsi

so just add the hdX=ide-scsi at the end of the kernel-line...I'm not sure how you do this in lilo because I haven't used it for a long time...ask somebody or google for LILO's configuration.

kryptobs2000 06-21-2004 09:53 AM

I think I did that, maybe I did it wrong but here's the beginning section of my lilo.conf:

# LILO configuration file
# generated by 'liloconfig'
# Start LILO global section
append = "hdc=ide-scsi"
boot = /dev/hda
#compact # faster, but won't work on all systems.
#timeout = 5
# VESA framebuffer console @ 1024x768x256
vga = 773
# Normal VGA console
# vga = normal
# VESA framebuffer console @ 1024x768x64k

My cdrw drive is the master on the secondary idechannel, so that should be right shouldn't it? Maybe I'm just not supposed to do that in lilo, but I think thats right.

I think there is something wrong with my kernel, because after, well like I said I have all those insmod errors, most are about usb and firewire, I didn't see any others, but I don't know where it logs it, so I can't check, but I also had ntsf read support before I compiled my kernel, and I still left it checked when I built it and now I no longer have support, I'm not asking how to fix that, I'm sure I can find out, I'm just suggesting could it be a problem with my kernel?

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