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timmit 10-21-2007 11:55 PM

Can't Read From CD As Root
This is the error message I get (running as root):

A security policy in place prevents this sender from sending this message to this recipient, see message bus configuration file (rejected message had interface "org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume" member "Mount" error name "(unset)" destination "org.freedesktop.Hal")

I am a Linux newbie and have no idea what to do with this :-(.

This is on Slackware 12.0.

blackst0ne 10-22-2007 12:15 AM

You need to type these commands as root:

# usermod -G plugdev (your_user_name)
# /etc/rc.d/rc.messagebus reload

timmit 10-22-2007 11:46 PM


Originally Posted by blackst0ne (Post 2932160)
You need to type these commands as root:

# usermod -G plugdev (your_user_name)
# /etc/rc.d/rc.messagebus reload

Thanks for the reply. If you wouldn't mind, what exactly do those commands do? Just for my own education :-).

snowtigger 10-23-2007 12:09 AM

usermod > is for modifying the named user account.

-G > option tells it to modify the secondary groups that that user belongs to (-g does the primary group)

In a terminal do, man usermod this will open the manual page for usermod. Try it with some other command. It will work so long as you installed the man packages.

/etc/rc.d/rc.messagebus reload > rc.messagebus is the script that starts and stops the messagebus service, the reload option tells it to reload its config info to take notice of the modified group settings. Another way to reload them would be to restart the computer, but why do that when you don't really have to :)

Also the problem you have encounter is explained more in depth in this thread,


timmit 10-23-2007 08:41 PM

I don't believe that is the issue I am experiencing. I was logged on as root when trying to access the CD Drive, and I did not think root had to be a part of any group to access a device.

Also, when I am logged onto my normal user account, typing "groups" into the terminal yields this: "cdrom floppy audio video plugdev", so I am already a part of the plugdev group.

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