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RGBBW 05-12-2005 01:01 AM

Can't connect to Airlink Print Server
I just got Suse 9.1 up and running this week, so I'm a super-newbie.

I have an Airlink router and Airlink APSUSB1 print server box, with an HP 7660 printer hanging off of it, and I'm unable to print. I've had the configuration running off of W2000 on my other PC for about a year, so it does work.

The Suse help suggests setting up direct TCP socket for a print server box. I tried this, and the install was able to find the print server IP address (, but it also wants a port number. The help says that HP uses 9100, and takes that as the default. Well, when I test the socket, it doesn't work. I wrote to Airlink requesting the port number, and they said they don't support Linux, but I should try the LPR setup rather than the TCP socket. Well, if I set it up as LPD protocol, it asks for a host name (it inserts the IP address) and name of the remote queue (don't know).

So I toggle back and forth between the TCP setup and trying to guess the port number, and the LPD setup and trying to guess the queue name. Neither one of these has gotten me anywhere. I can ping the print server and get a response, so the computer knows it's there, it's just wondering why I don't know how to set it up right.

I did plug the printer directly into a USB port on the computer and completed the set up and am able to print to it, so the Linux driver is okay, but that is so twentieth century. Well, you know, I got this print server thing...

HiOctane21 05-26-2005 02:37 AM

I'm a similar problem but with a different brand of print server. Please someone help. I was actually able to print out a test page through LPD. I name the queue name to be lp1 and the server name to be the ip address of the print server.


ubuntex 04-21-2006 10:26 AM

APSUSB1 and Linux
I had the exact same problem with this el-cheapo print server. I performed the following:

1. Updated the firmware (although it did say it was 2.81, I did it anyway)
2. Used Firefox to access the address via the web. Made sure I could talk to the little best (i.e. the airlink101 apsusb1)
3. I set my properties up as follows:

a. Printer Type: = HP jetDirect (even though I'm not even close to using an HP printer or an HP driver than emulates HP)
b. Host: = IP address (static previously setup in my router as and
c. Port: = 9100

I was successful in getting a Brother HL-1240 and a Samsung ML-1430 to talk via this method over the two Airlink 101 APSUSB1 print servers I own.

1 Microsnot XP box :mad: , 3 Ubuntu/Edubuntu/Kubuntu :Pengy: linux boxes.

Currently using OpenOffice without any issues on both printers.

Hope this helps!

thomas.hedden 05-30-2006 08:48 AM

I had this problem and figured out what was wrong: YaST lets you configure printing via LPD => EVEN IF THE LPD PACKAGE IS NOT INSTALLED <= (duh). I wrote up all the steps to configure the AirLink using LPD and posted them on my website. However, this forum will not allow me to put URLs in replies, so I cannot give the URL here.

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