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OldSarge 11-19-2003 03:54 PM

Canon BJC-2100 printer versus valid Linux printers
To All: I have tried several different ways to get a good answer to my printer problem, to no avail! I even had my SIG leader, who deals with Linux all the time, try to get my printer to work, to no avail. I have a Canon BJC-2100, which I have found out, even third party vendors that I have been advised to go, do NOT seem to have a clue how to get their alleged driver to work my printer. Three places I should mention that I have been to already are:, and, all a waste of time, it seems. Now, I have also been given conflicting information from Epson, in that they say that none of their printers work with Linux. Yet, more that one person has assured me that they can, however, no one mentioned you have to get the driver from a third party, which means the same trouble I am having with my Canon!!! Will somebody please read this message word for word and advise me on how and what to do, in a positive manner!!??

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