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boreo 02-18-2003 11:06 PM

Canon BJC-1000
I'm running Red Hat 8 and I'm trying for like 5 days already to make my printer work. I'm using a canon BJC-1000, I read the RH getting started guide and try to install it and it doesn't do anything. I try to install it with printconf as root. I also fallow the steps shown on and still no luck at all, and io'm sure my printer works because i took it to my friends house next door and it was printing nice (he uses windows)..If someone could help me it would be pretty cool.. I need to print my school work since i formatted my windows XP to install a clean Redhat. Thanks.

SIR_Taco 02-20-2003 06:29 PM

I'm actually working on that right now, but with Slackware... been trying for about a week now, but I just found my old notes on how to get it working with CUPS (not sure if that's applicable to RedHat) but if you want I'll post the steps?


boreo 02-20-2003 08:29 PM

Yes, post the steps to see if they also work with Redhat. I was actually going to try that yesterday but i had to study for a midterm, I'll try to set it up with CUPS now. If it works I'll post it here. Thanks for your post.


SIR_Taco 02-22-2003 07:49 PM

ok... here's what I jotted down when getting it working last time... but that was with Slackware 7.0 I think (like a year ago...) but it worked then maybe it'll work again... I just dont have time to try it at the moment.... The dependencies are based on Slackware 7.0 so you may not need all of this but might as well update them while you're at it.
here we go:
Stuff You Need (get them at Sourceforge or Freshmeat):
(as of May 21/02)
Linux Kernel with Parallel Port & Printer Support
ATK 1.0.1 or higher
CUPS 1.1.x or higher
Ghostscript 7.xx or higher
Gimp-Print 4.3.x or higher
Glib 2.0.1 or higher
GTK+ 2.0.2 or higher
Libiconv 1.7 or higher (if your distro requires it)
Libpng 1.2.1 or higher
Pango 1.0.1 or higher
Pkg Config 0.12.0 or higher
JPEG 6b or higher
PNG 1.0.6 or higher
TIFF 3.4 or higher
ZLIB 1.1.3 or higher

Order to Install:
Install dependencies for Glib:
1-pkgconfig (./configue;make;make install)
2-libiconv (./configure;make;make install)

now install Glib:
3-Glib(./configure;make;make install)
if when compiling glib you get an error about iconv.h or something to that extent make clean and "./configure --with libiconv" then make;make install (figured that out the hard way)

Install GTK+ dependencies:
4-Pango (./configure;make;make install)
cd Scripts/
cp makefile.linux ../Makefile (choose app. makefile)
make;make install
6-ATK (./configure;make;make install)

Install GTK+:
7- Gtk (./configure;make;make install)

Installing Ghostscript:
8-JPEG (just unpackage it!)
-Unpackage ghostscript
-Move the unpackaged JPEG dir into the ghostscript src dir to a
directory called jpeg (eg: mv jpeg-6b/ /ghostscriptXXxx/jpeg)
-./configure;make;get javascript:smilie(':D')coffee;make install

now... you're finally ready to prepare for CUPS
10-Zlib (make;make install)
11-libTiff (./configure;make;make install)

Now Install Cups:
12-Cups (./configure;make;make install)

the document I have is in a little better detail than this, and if you want it I can e-mail it to you... but this shows you what you need in order to get it to work...

now, the driver I ended up using because it was the only one that actually worked for the BJC 1000 was the BJC 600 foomatic drivers found on's website for download... so get that before you add your printer and it should work fine.
Information on setting up the foomatic drivers are on their website

anymore questions and e-mail me or re-post here

hope this helps,

boreo 02-22-2003 08:10 PM

Thanks for your post, I'll send you and email so you can send me the whole manual...

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