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dirdej 01-26-2008 02:22 PM

Cannot find newly installed 3ware 9650?
I just installed a new 9650 controller with 5 disks.

During initial boot, I could Alt-3 into the 3ware BIOS and make a RAID-5 with the attached disks.
After booting the new RAID shows up as exportable with the correct size during the intial boot sequence and 3ware BIOS is loaded according to the message.

I use SUSE SLED 10 SP1.

The 3ware controller is NOT used for booting, this happens from the internal SATA controller. Previously an older 8500 series 3ware controller was used with smaller disks for about 1.5 years with no problems.

I can't seem to find the /dev/3w* that would correspond to this new controller, also 3DM2 (the 3ware utility) finds no controller installed.

fdisk /dev/???

How do I proceed? I need to have this machine back in operation before Mondaymorning.



dirdej 01-27-2008 12:50 PM

Problem solved, needed to install newer kernel.

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