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bowbalitic 02-06-2009 12:49 PM

Can I use this Pocket PC as a monitor, mouse, and keyboard?
Thank you in advanced for all your help, I am pleased to say that in the past I have found this website very helpful.

I have a stylus/touchscreen HP pocket PC called HP jornada, it is probably six or seven years old. Obviously, the advancements in technology have made this thing absolutely useless for its intended purpose, but I thought I could reuse it as a monitor, mouse, and keyboard for a computer I am building for my truck that will store music, movies, ect. This is mostly just a learning project and a way to use up my excess computer parts, so please no comments saying I should just get an Ipod or anything like that.

Building the computer and installing the linux opperating system on the computer will be easy, but what I will probably have the most dificulty with is reprograming the Pocket PC to be used like a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. My main question is: Do any of you know of a program/operating system I can put on the Pocket PC that would fit my needs? I am new to programming, but I am also a freshman computer engineer so I'll have to learn it eventually.

Also, no comments concerning the legality of downloading music and movies. I assure you I will stay within law.

Thank you again with your help, if I have missed any thing please ask me, I will try to check this thread as often as I can.

theNbomr 02-06-2009 01:45 PM

To use almost any existing Linux applications, your device is going to have to be an X server. I don't know of any way to run Xorg/XFree86 without hosting it on Linux. That would mean getting linux running on your Pocket PC, which sounds uhhm... tricky. Do you know anything about the hardware architecture of the pocket PC? How are you planning to make the physical connection? Ethernet? Wireless?
Not to sound too discouraging, because I'm a kindred spirit in these things, but I think you're biting off a big chunk, here.
--- rod.

Chromezero 02-06-2009 01:55 PM

I was curious about this, so I found some info. Have a look at Wikipedia.

Jornada Linux Mobility Edition (JLime for short) is a Linux distribution aimed for the HP Jornada platform . It was created in Late 2003 by Kristoffer Ericson and Henk Brunstin. It's being developed using the OpenEmbedded build system.
Maybe that'll get ya started...

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