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Peacedog 07-24-2004 01:46 PM

can anyone confirm a dead motherboard
hi folks, i was recently upgrading a box to house two nics. i was wearing a grounding strap, all power was disconnected. put simply i placed the second nic in the machine. closed the box up, plugged everything back in, and tried to boot up. i got nothing, no post code whatsoever. the following are the steps i've taken troubleshooting.

1 i took what i assumed the offending nic back out of the box, tried booting again, nothing, no post code.

2 to eliminate power supply, i unplugged everything, except the powersupply, tried to boot, i get nothing.

3 my last and final test was to remove the ram from the box, nothing is plugged into the mobo, w/the exception of the powersupply, in my experience this should produce a three beep error post code, if the mobo is good. tried to boot, got nothing.

with all that said, the machine was running like a dream before i shut it down to install the nic. no problems whatsoever. so my question is can anyone help me to confirm that the mobo is dead? are there any more tests i haven't thought of that may tell me more. sorry for the long post, thx in advance for any advice/suggetions.

michaelk 07-24-2004 02:16 PM

No beeps at all?
Does the CPU fan spin?
Does the hard drive spin when power is applied?
Did you verify all of the wiring has not been disturbed, the motherboard power connecter, The power switch wiring etc?

Peacedog 07-24-2004 03:26 PM

thx for response, yes i'm getting power to everything, the harddrive spins up if connected, the cpu fan takes off, i have verified all connections when things are connected, the thing that tips me off that the board is dead, is the booting w/no ram present. if the board is any good, that should produce some beep error, or am i thinking in the wrong direction?

mermxx 07-24-2004 04:19 PM

if the power supply is working to your mobo then i am presuming that the green lite on this comes on, u will need to have ur ram installed to get any response to check it so......unplug everything except ur power supply to ur mobo leave minimum ram in slot 1 and then power up. Depending on ur bios ur beep codes for errors can be different. but for ram only u should usually get one. It is not very likely that ur nic card has corrupted your mobo. Go with my first suggestion power up with ram installed and then take it from there :-)

J.W. 07-25-2004 02:55 PM

If the power connections are good and you can confirm that power is ON, then it sounds like it could be something like the ribbon cable from the mobo to the hard drive being disconnected. Obviously, adding a second NIC should not cause the entire machine to fail, so I suspect that something may have been jarred loose. I'd suggest systematically disconnecting and reconnecting *every* cable. Both ends. Obviously that may not change anything but it's something I'd do if I were you. Good luck with it PEACEDOG. -- J.W.

Peacedog 07-25-2004 04:13 PM

to mermxx, and, J.W., thx for the responses. i should have been more clear w/the things i'd tried already. i did as suggested, remove everything, putting one thing back at a time. i've pretty well determined the board is dead, what actually happened, i may never know. i've tried about every configuration possible, i get nothing from the board, tried a different power supply as well. i guess it could've been static, as i said, i'll probably never know. thx for the responses, and, suggestions. i'm just chalking this to the "freak accidents" collection. i have a new board on the way. thx again to everyone who helped.

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