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sirius57 02-08-2013 01:38 PM

cable select and multiple drives
I like to manage my hard drives through the bios by selecting and deselecting which drive to boot from. This works well with eide and sata drives. On a dell optiplex gx240, I installed opensuse 12.1 on a clean ide hard drive set as primary master. After the install, I connected the original drive as slave on the same ide cable. The box would not boot past the bios splash screen. I removed the slave drive and set the new drive as cable select. The box works fine. The original drive was originally set as cable select and worked fine by itself. The only other drive in the box is the cd-rom. I did not check its jumper settings and suspect that it is also set for cable select. It is on its own ide cable. I would like to confirm if cable select can not be used in a multi-boot box and that all drives need to be set for primary, secondary master/slave?

michaelk 02-08-2013 02:44 PM

Yes, cable select can be used on a multi boot box. CS is a method to automatically configure drives on an IDE (PATA) controller as master or slave. I suspect that you had the drives configured for the same type which could cause boot problems.

Yes, the drives should be configured either as master/slave or both set CS. CS also requires a special ribbon cable. Primary / secondary is determined by which controller connector the cable is plugged into on the motherboard.

jefro 02-08-2013 03:43 PM

Use either cable select or M/S setting.
As above, usually if not always a special cable for CS. Some bios/motherboards may need some disks to be set to M even in CS mode or some oddity like that. Sometimes you simply have to remove any M/S jumper.

Don't confuse boot order from drive order. Newer systems don't care which is drive order.

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