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Quattro 03-30-2004 02:44 AM

Burning CDs on the command line
Not sure if this is software or hardware, so I'll just post it here...

Somehow, I managed to FUBAR X on my Mandrake 10 install. No idea how. So I'm going to backup my important data to a CD, then reinstall Linux (and probably format, too). do I burn a CD on the command line? X is dead, so I can't use K3b. I can't use a live CD--I need to keep the CD in the drive. I can't boot into Windows (which I'm in now) to burn, as my Linux partition is ReiserFS which I can't access in Windows.

I have no idea how to burn on the command line, but it looks like it's my only choice. Can anyone help me?


Bruce Hill 03-30-2004 03:13 AM

This has been asked and answered many times in LQ. Please use the search function.

lachlan 03-30-2004 03:52 AM

Try here


Quattro 03-30-2004 04:09 AM

Thank you, Lachlan. That was exactly what I was looking for.

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