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bence8810 12-12-2007 05:07 AM

Building or buying a HDD-less server for low power consumption

I would like to build or even better, buy a server that would meet the following criteria. As low power consumption as possible, no spinning HDD, but rather a flash card or USB stick, and more or less noisefree as well.

I now have a server at home, and I find it overkill for what I need it for. I run the following things:

Exim for mail
httpd for web
proftpd for ftp

and thats about it. The whole storage space I need is around 1GB or even less. I would like to have a box, hopefully small and cheap, it doesn't have to be fast, or with a lot of RAM, etc. I am thinking about buying a NAS for storage, so I would like to eliminate my home server completely.

Any suggestions are welcome,



jlinkels 12-12-2007 06:29 AM

I am looking for the same devices for months...


I ordered 2 of these machines. They come with a HDD yes, but power consumption is still < 5W. That is less than the quiescent in a power supply adapter. Maybe you are even able to spin down the disk. It gives 80 GB of flexability.

The downside is the long lead time... 8 weeks. I am expecting the units this week. If you are interested I'll post my experiences.

In the mean time I am open for other suggestions.


Edit: you can also check But those prices are higher and you need an university degree to figure out which enclosure holds which hardware, and then you'll discover that you don't like that enclosure which is compatible with the mainboard you chose.

bence8810 12-12-2007 07:51 AM


Thanks a lot I have not found Koolu yet while searching, so this surely broadened my options up. I will do some googling on that, as I need some more info than what they have on the web. I want to use it for a server, so I need to install Debian on it.

The one that is the most reasonable at this point is:

However I like this one even more, just its more expensive:

The later one I prefer as it doesnt need a hard drive, but it can use a Compact Flash card, which is again a solid state thing, so there would be absolutely no moving parts in it. The other thing why I prefer the mini-itx over Koolu is that I can order it from within the EU and dont have to pay import tax.

This is another one I really like and included in my options:

And this I have seen in operation, it works like a charm.

Basically what I need the item for is only some services, and no multimedia what so ever. So for me the interface is not an issue, sound card etc are also not needed.

I will dig more, and I appreciate if you share your opinions regarding the Koolu once You receive it,



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