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tsw 07-28-2004 01:46 PM

Building new box w/ new CPU & old hard drive: Will this work?
I am building my first machine today, new mother board, new AMD processor but I will be using my old DVD-ROM & DVD+RW, plus the hard drives which are fully installed with Mandrake 10 (60 GB) and xp (15GB). The Mandrake drive was installed on a machine using a Pentium 3 processor. Here is my question. After I get the box together I am hoping that I simply hook up the hard drive and boot up into my linux sys. Will this work? Am I mad to think that it will?

My curiosity is will the kernel operate since it was configured ( really by drake ) for a P III. The good and maybe the bad with mandrake is that I have not really had to configure a kernel to get the performance that I needed. I performed the arduous task of kernel config with Slack a few times so I kind of know how to go about it. I suppose the last part of the question is will I need to do any prep on the kernel before I make the exchange? Many thanks in advance.


mobo: some crepe I dunno, cheap Gateway
CPU: Pentium 3
60GB Western
15GB Quantum


mobo: Machspeed V266B VIAŽ KT266A Chipset
AthlonXP 2400+ with QuantiSpeed Architecture
512 DDR 333
Same drives

misterflibble 07-28-2004 01:58 PM

Did you use drake to install a Pentium3 optimized kernel? Or are you just using the default i586 one? If you've installed the Pentium 3 optimized one via drake, you could just change it to a default one, in about ten minutes.

I did a similar move a few months back from a Pentium 4 (self-compiled and optimized kernel) to an Athlon XP and I didn't notice any problems related to the kernel apart from difficulty compiling the NVIDIA driver. I had to recompile the kernel again anyway though since I had it optimized for my previous hardware and I had no. Mandrake would probably detect these changes and prompt you for them the first time you boot it up.

tsw 07-28-2004 02:08 PM

Thanks for responding misterflibble,
Yeah, I am using the default i586 kernel. So I gather I should be good to go? Great. At worst I just want to be able to boot into Mandrake and deal with performance problems then. Thanks again for your experience.


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