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indubitableness 09-25-2009 09:28 AM

Best inexpensive linux compatible gamepad or Best pcsx* compatible gamepad?
I have been using my regular corded xbox gamepad as a PC gamepad for a couple years. I've always had trouble with pcsx and it's variants. So much trouble that I've simply always used ePSXe through wine.

Lately I've been using Slackware64 13.0 with multilib and while I'm able to use wine quite reliably for most things the ePSXe install doesn't run all my games anymore.

I'd really rather use a native linux emulator anyway (besides the linux version of ePSXe because it's weird as hell) but I can not seem to configure the xbox gamepad to work correctly.

I'm working under the assumption that the best gamepad choice is in fact a PS3 USB gamepad, and I'm willing to get one if you guys can guarantee me it works correctly, but I'd really prefer something cheaper. It doesn't even need analog sticks (although they would be a plus)

So I'm calling y'all to recommend me your favorite gamepads that you've used with pcsx and other emulators.

Note: The xbox gamepad works beautifully for all my other emulators. It's only the PCSX emulator that gives me this trouble. Although sometimes the wine run ePSXe will give me similar trouble, but as I've said that's not really a usable emulator for me anymore anyway.

tl;dr: What's your favorite pcsx compatible gamepad yo?

elliott678 09-26-2009 12:03 AM

I use this, haven't run into any compatibility issues with any game or emulator, but I haven't used pcsx, I can install it an check in a little while though:

indubitableness 09-26-2009 02:36 PM

That looks perfect! Please let me know if you have problems assigning buttons in pcsx because that's the deal breaker.

elliott678 09-26-2009 10:22 PM

Which version of the emulator are you running? The original is abandoned and pretty old.

indubitableness 09-27-2009 04:47 AM

I'm using pcsx-df 1.9. I've also tried pcsxr 1.9.somethingsomething, I think 86 or something. df is the one I'm primarily interested in as it has an appropriate slackbuild at

They all have the same key binding problem with my xbox gamepad, on every machine I've tested it, including the original emulator.

And for some reason ePSXe has a similar key binding problem with it when run through wine, but it only happens SOMETIMES. Of course as soon as it happens I have to reinstall the emulator from a fresh zip archive, and copy over all my saves to a new wineprefix to fix it. Again, as I've said, this option no longer is viable as it's stopped playing many games since my upgrade to 64 bit.

elliott678 09-27-2009 06:24 AM

I installed pcsx-df 1.10, since that was what was available to me, didn't seem to have an issue setting the controller. I don't have any games handy to test it with, but I don't see why they wouldn't work since the setup went fine.

Screenshot of the controller configuration window:

I think this controller has every button exactly like a PS1 controller, even the buttons under the analog sticks.

BTW: Not sure if Slackware will be any different, but on my ArchLinux system, I didn't have to set up anything at all, I just plugged it in and started playing.

indubitableness 09-27-2009 06:49 AM

Excellent. I appreciate you testin' that out for me. I'ma go buy this gamepad right now.

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