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UndieingHacker 07-13-2004 05:37 PM

BCM v.90 56k modem not automatically detected
its been a while since i was last here...
anyway i have a BCM v.90 56k modem and when i go to configure a new modem connection it says that no modems were detected
when i go to harddrake though it does get detected although it gets detected under unknown/other rather than under modems and lists the class as COMMUNICATION_MODEM
how do i get it so it gets counted as a regular modem and will be autodetected for a new modem connection?
thanks in advance,

kevinatkins 07-13-2004 06:25 PM


hmm, i've no idea what a BCM v90 modem is, but i'll hedge a bet that it's a 'windows' modem, in which case you could looking at some googling to find further information - eg, chipset, possible linux drivers...

harddrake may 'detect' the modem, but that doesn't mean there's necessarily a linux driver for it (slightly confusing..)

sorry i can't be much more help. if you find that it is a windows modem, i'd really encourage you to splash out on a proper external hardware modem - believe me, it will save you a lot of grief!

has anybody else got some input on this?

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