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ared 03-21-2008 10:08 PM

Basic Hardware tools - resouces for.
I am recently in the situation where I am supporting more and more linux servers. I have no linux background. I know a few things such as how to get into single user mode during boot to change passwords in centos. I deal with Debian, freebsd, centos mainly.

What I am looking for is a resource or perhaps someone here can be of assistance with the specifics, which can help me do my new tasks.

For example, I know there are commands to deal with hard drive problems such as smartctl, fsck, badlocks and hdparm. I'm not sure when to use which command and which level I should be at. I know you can run smartctl and badlocks from the root prompt - remotely. I'm not sure about the others. If one suspects a drive is experiencing problems, what would the strategy be: run smartctl to determine hardware/drive is failing - if it shows good, run badblocks (which takes forever)? I'm very cautious about data loss, so anything destructive or which can be - like badblocks, I tend to be a bit shy about.

So, is there a good resource which deals with tackling such? I've done massive google searches and forum searches but no hits seem to address what I'm trying to find out.

I would also like to know service related info. I can stop and start network, httpd and shh (pretty basic I know.) But how do I check if other services are runnings such as pop smntp etc? How would I restart these?

I seem to have a particular situation present itself often: which is, a kernel supported nic is listed in lspci but no corresponding ethx file exist. I can't seem to get nic cards to be "seen" and used by the OS (typically centos.) I've tried all the hardware - even trying three different nic cards from different manufacturers and also in various slots. Modified bios in any number of ways and still nota.

So I would like to know more about how to deal with server issues which are related to hardware and startup problems.

In a few months, I may know enough to where I can be a contributer here. Who knows? lol. Thank in advance,
hw_tech.. who landed in linuxland, and for the most enjoying it.

onebuck 03-21-2008 11:10 PM


Welcome to LQ!

You've got a lot ahead for you to accomplish! Good Luck with the hard road ahead.

Several places online to reference, I would look at the Linux Documentation Project then Rute Tutorial & Exposition and Linux Newbie Admin Guide.

The Free Linux Books has several good references available.

These links and others can be found at 'Slackware-Links' .

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