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monz 08-20-2005 07:41 AM

ATI SB400 chipset support
Anyone running Linux on this chipset?
I'm considering the MSI RX480M2-IL uATX mobo.

I do know the northbridge gets quite hot, but that's from tests done with the build-in IGP.
I'll be looking at something like a nVidia 6200 based card with passive cooling, so hopefully disabling IGP will make it run cooler.

Comments on Solaris/Opensolaris support for the chipset are welcome too...

EDIT: Ahh, at least this thread hasn't been closed, due to crossposting.
Yes, I posted about the same question on both the Linux HW forum and on the Solaris forum. This is due to running both Linux and Solaris in a dualboot setup.

Now, had I posted in only one forum, I might not have gotten answers about the other OS.
Had I in the two posts added that I am bualbooting both OS's, and therefor for once deliberately did an xpost, just maybe the other thread hadn't been closed.

Sorry about the xposting, but maybe the moderator could've noticed that the question(s) was about chipset support for tw OS's.

-just had to get it off my chest.

sipes1978 08-30-2005 10:06 PM

Don't buy this board if you plan on running SUSE 9.3 and have SATA drives. SUSE 9.3 does not recognize SATA drives on a motherboard with the ATI SB400 chipset.

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