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itpedersen 08-07-2008 05:02 AM

ATI Rage 128 - 900MHZ - Mesa
I have succeded to install ATI RAGE 128 PRO (16MB i think) with the mesa driver, through "dri", my glxinfo shows direct rendering yes. and my glxgears runs about 500FPS +-20.

Running on: 900mhz amd atholon, 640mb ram, ubuntu 8.04
openarena runs fine in 640x480 - but only i think about 10-15FPS in 1024x768

tryid through wine steam, CS 1.6 (2 FPS), Trackmania forever(0.5FPS)

Is this max performance for my setup?
and can i do anything to maximize performance?

itpedersen 08-08-2008 04:10 AM

I think that acceleration is not turn on wine gaming through steam, if i start cs the normal way wine cs.exe it suddenly runs ok, with 3d acc turn on. rounding around 25-30FPS

In order to get Trackmania Forever running, just use WINEDEBUG=-all wine Tm....exe then it run smooth!

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