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breakerfall 11-23-2003 04:53 PM

ATI radeon chipset, no GLX
Hi people, I was browsing the mandrake forums and have been trying to help someone who has had trouble using his radeon chipset in linux. I have got mine working fine (with the official ati drivers)... This guy has a PCI card and we have skipped the ati drivers for now (as this would mean him re-compiling his kernel with DRM turned off) and have decided to use just the xfree "radeon" driver. After going through config, and uncommenting the glx and dri section, he gets just a blck screen. When he re-comments load "glx" he can get into his system fine.

It seems as though he doesn't have GLX module to be loaded and I'm not sure where to go from here as I have no experience with mandrake or the xfree drivers (only the ati ones).

Can you guys checkout:

Thanks, just thought the hardware forums would be a better place to post :)

totally 11-24-2003 05:06 PM


Sorry for bumping this message - but I do not understand this problem I am receiving. I do not see why my Hercules 9000 64MB PCI (powered by ATI Radeon 9000 chipset) will not work with the Load "glx" line in my X86Config file.

Can anyone share any light on this subject?

Steve. (totally)

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