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Jimsta 01-17-2005 01:06 AM

ATI Radeon 9200 driver installation queries
Hi all

Im trying to run the ATI install program at the moment to update my driver ( and address the annoying Xserver issue), however, I am unceratin about certain questions being asked and seek some clarity.

In the application profiles settings, it is asking the following

Please select application specific profile:

1. Default
2. Individual Configuration of Capabilities
3. Maya
6. Houdini 4.0
7. Houdini 5.0
8. Houdini 5.5

Does anyone know any good URLS I can use to read up about these ???

The other sections I have no clue about are also shown below ???


Advanced Graphics Features Settings
Do you want to initialize xfree86-dga (y/n)? [n] n
Do you want to export pseudo color visuals (y/n)? [n] n
Do you want to synchronize buffer swaps
with the vertical sync signal (y/n)? [n] n
Full Scene Anti Aliasing (FSAA)
Please select multi sample visuals you want to share:
 1 = All (Visuals for 2,4 and 6 Samples per Pixel)
 2 = Visuals for 2 Samples per Pixel
 4 = Visuals for 4 Samples per Pixel
 6 = Visuals for 6 Samples per Pixel

Once again if anyone knows some good URLS I can read at my own leisure or if they know what these terms means that would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and BTW, my graphics card is actually a ATI RADEON 9200 SE. Was wondering if that means any significant difference since the ATI website said it supported the 9200 class, so I thought it would any Radeon 9200 makes in general.

Other useful information. My XFree86 version is 4.3.0 and I am using glibc 2.2 or 2.3 ( cannot remember but it was a valid enough version to support the driver according to the ATI website).

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