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verdeboy2k 05-13-2006 04:32 PM

Ati Driver Installation Problem (can't compile kernel module)
Whenever I try to compile the ATI Radeon driver it always fails trying to compile the internal AGP support. I didn't think this was a problem because I use a PCI-X graphics card so I thought that it failed because I don't have AGP support in my kernel. However the main fglrx.ko driver module will not insert into the kernel and I was wondering if it was depended on the AGP driver. Is there anyway to make the installer skip the compilation of the AGP driver?

I am running Gentoo with a 2.6.15 kernel.
GCC is 3.4.4 and I forget the current glibc version (recently updated, so current version).
Athlon 64 dual core processor.
Video card is Radeon x1800 (r520 chipset)

cathectic 05-13-2006 05:00 PM

No, but it shouldn't be a problem (it never compiles cleanly for me anyway - besides, for those who need AGP, they're recommended to use in kernel drivers, not the ATI AGP module).

Can you please report the exact error message that you get when trying to load the fglrx module? If you get any kind of insertion errors, please give us the last few lines of the output from dmesg afterwards.

verdeboy2k 05-14-2006 11:35 PM

Okay, it says Operation Not Permitted when trying to insert the fglrx module
This was the only (fatal) error reported by

last lines of dmesg:
[fglrx:fglrx_stub_register] *ERROR* Unable to open some already present DRM kernel module.

verdeboy2k 05-16-2006 02:24 AM

never mind this post. the problem is caused by the fact that I have a dual PCI-X 16x slot mobo. I just have to wait for the ATI guys to bother releasing the fix. First ati card. Last ati card.

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