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Linux - Hardware This forum is for Hardware issues.
Having trouble installing a piece of hardware? Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux?


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Old 07-07-2004, 07:25 PM   #1
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Athlon vs Pentium

Hello, been attempting to install Red Hat 9 in graphic mode on an old pentium 200 MMX, 95 MB RAM, 6 Gig hdd. After druid kept getting error message, this installation not designed for this hardware. Will try text based install before I give up.

Currrently thinking about upgrading hardware. An AMD Athlon is considerably cheaper but keep hearing that it's safer to go for a pentium Centrino. Can anyone adivise?

I am going to use this primarily as a training device as home router to serve internet access to my windoz laptop.
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Bruce Hill
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Before spending money needlessly, check RedHat's system requirements. I think that hardware is okay, but I'm not sure. There may be another problem.

AMD chips are cheaper than Intel chips for the same basic speed rating. AMD's run hotter, so you should either use the fan that's shipped with the CPU, or one that they recommend for the particular CPU on their site. This comp has an Intel P4 2.4 Ghz, and my wife's comp has an AMD Athlon XP 1600+ which runs just as good as the P4 but costs much less. AMD has some good information to use in comparing processors here ->,00.html

There are many opinions on processors. Whatever brand you decide to use, getting a good fan and keeping it as cool as possible is the most necessary thing to do.
Old 07-08-2004, 10:14 AM   #3
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In the AMD vs Intel Debate They are both good processor makers.... one having no big advantage over the other .... EXCEPT that AMD is the best overall value. IF money isn't an opject then newer AMD 64 processors or P4's in the 3.0 + Ghz range are really nice... but overkill if you ask me. If you are an average desktop user you are not really goign to need much more then a 1.0 - 2.0 Ghz processor anyway.

AMD processors are given names which correspond to how well they perform vs an Intel processor of the same class.... i.e. An AMD XP 2400+ performs as well as or better then a P4 running at 2.4 Ghz.
ALL PROCESSORS in the multiple Ghz Range run hot, so its not just AMD processors that do this.

You also have to consider that if you get new hardware you are going to need at least a new Mobo, new Ram and a new processor; this is assuming you get a Mobo That has built in sound and ethernet, and possibly GFX if you dont already have a decent GFX card... or you might need a new GFX card too.

The cheapest best bang for the buck system from scratch you can make right now would probally involve an Athlon 2400+ Mobile XP chip and Speez 80 mm Fan HS(77$ + 9$ for HS fan,an NForce2 based motherboard (or anohther comparable motherboard with built in sound, ethernet, and possibly GFX.....~80-100$), and 256 -512 MB of 3200 DDR RAM ( 35$ ..for 256 MB , 70$ for 512 MB). If you need to get a GFX card Geforce 440 MX's are cheap and do the job and come in at about 30 - 40$ ( again).

The Beauty of this is that the Mobile Athlon series of chips was designed to run at a much lower voltage....(less heat for notebook computing) But is IDENTICAL to a XP desktop processor. This means that it fits into a desktop Motherboard but needs less voltage to run. Most of these right out of the box can be EAISLY overclocked to run faster then the HIGHEST end XP processors (currently mine runs at a speed that wouild make it a 3400+ processor... which does not exist, but the 3200+ processors cost 160 dollars.... for 86 dollars... mine runs better ).

The best place to find deals on components for compouters and deals on everything are: --- Check the forums section under "hot deals" -- front page AND forums under "hot deals" -- GREAT Customer service and some of the CHEAPEST prices on everything... sometimes it might cost a few more dollars then the cheapest price somewhere else... but its well worth it to deal with newegg -- once again forums section under "hot deals", great review information and good technical info slices through most BS - The holy grail of computer info on the net IMHO... great reviews and NO BS about buzzwords -- Overclockers forums.... great place for info about which processors overclock eaisly giving you more bang for the buck value from your processor decent for technical info.

NOw if you dont want to build your own system you might wanna buy a DELL. Why you ask? the performance? the realibility? the GREAT 24 hour a day customer serive?.... NO becuase they are CHEAP and you can find GREAT deals on them!

My friend got a Dell poweredge server (remember a server is just like any other computer... sometimes it just has certian extras which make it more stable.... DELL Poweredge servers really dont... they are almost IDENTICAL to their desktops) for 300 shipped. The computer came with a 2.8 P4 w Hyper Threading technology, 256 MB of RAM, 40 GB Hard drive, and a decent PCI graphics card (although the computer did have an AGP slot for upgrading the GFX),a mouse and keyboard!

One quick note on Hyper threading: Lots of people have been really ignorent about what hyperthreading does and people claim that its really improtant or does lots of things it does not do. Hyper Threading ONLY increases the speed of the processor by about 30% in IDEAL conditions... most of the time it does almost nothing. For a Quick explanation of what it does we need to think of the perfect example.... PLINKO on the "Price is Right". I know your thinking WTF does PLINKO have to do with a computer .... but its the best way to explain it to anyone who dosent necessarily know how CPU arcitechture works.

In Plinko The player stands at the top of the board with those big discs and they let them go... they slide down the board randomly bouncing off of pins that stnad in their way untill they land in a catcher at the bottom which tells Bob Barker how much money the contestant just won. The contestants drop the Plinko chips ONE at a time and wait untill it gets to the bottom and Bob either gets excited and announces that they won alot of money ... or acts like he is sorry becuase they got nothing. What if the contestant waitewd untill the first plinko chip was far enough down that another Plinko chip could be dropped safely. that way instead of waiting the ENTTIRE time between chips ... you only had to wait half as long? Processors with Hyper Threading work alot in the same way as Plinko but instead of plinko chips they have work units.

At the start of the cycle the Work unit is dropped in the processor.. and through a proces of sorting the value comes out the other end(i.e. 2 + 2 goes in... 4 comes out). Now just like in plinko, the work units are fed in one at a time.... with a pause between each unit. But in The same way that a player could drop more then one chip (as long as they waited enough time after dropping the first chip), Hyperthreading processors do the same with work units. Instead of processing on work unite per amount of time... They put in the first one... wait untill its half way through the processor (kinda) and they release another work unit. In theroy its a Great Idea... but if anyone tells you you NEED IT or its IMPORTANT..... They really do not know what its doing becuase a 0 - 30% gain in speed really is not that great when the processor costs you almost 2 times as much.

NOW for Intel Centrino Technology this is nothing that great either....just another attention grabbing buzz word (like "HYPER THREADING") . Intel Centrino technology is a fancy way of saying "Wireless netwroking standard by Intel" in essence its just like having a ether net card... except there is no wire ... everything is transmitted by a radio wave. The Current standards for wireless netowrking include : the widely avaible and more public 802.11b(g and some other letters... but never the less 802.11"some letter"), Airport and Airport EXTREEME (802.11b but a little differnet and for the mac basically), and Intel Centrino (802.11b but a little differnet made by intel). So you can buy a laptop with any kind of processor in it... and SMACK in a wireless networking card and you basically have "Centrino" or "AIRPORT EXTREEME" on your notebook.

SO in conclusion if you want to buy a new computer AVIOD buzzwords since they are not worth the extra monney, and check out thoe websites I listed... those are some of the best places on the net to get info about cheap computers or technical info (trust technical jinfo from the ones I listed as technical info... NOT FROM fatwallet or the bargin sites... technical info there is littered with hear-say and BS).

all my posts end up being really freakin long..... hah
Old 07-08-2004, 05:06 PM   #4
Registered: Jun 2004
Location: Ireland
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Original Poster
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Wow, I am sooo impressed with the feedback on this website forum. FANTASTIC.!

Just a point with regards AMD. I remember a time when I worked as a tech support rep at Xerox. There were so many USB issues on VIA chipsets.

If I end up having to upgrade my hardware it would be a strictly a bare bones machine. I.e. No Video or sound card. Onboard will suffice. No CD ROM as I have lots of them already.

Just a fast motherboard with 1 mb cache, CPU. 256 RAM, and 80 gig hard drive. Tower case with 300 watt PSU.

You have to keep in mind I reside in Ireland. Unless the retailer specified do international transactions, they wont be any good to me. Prices in Ireland are a lot more. The above specified machine would cost around 400 here in Ireland.

This machine is primarily to be used for home internet server. Therefore no need for multimedia. My main machine is windows based laptop. Mobile pentium 3, 650mhz, 256 ram, 20 gig HDD. Very adequate for my needs.

I would love to scrap windoz altogether, but I am an IT student and intend to use stuff like Dreamweaver, Flash MX, and be able to use MS office which my college uses.

If there are ways around this, i.e. use Macromedia products using Linux please let me know.
Old 07-08-2004, 07:22 PM   #5
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Welcome to LQ siawash. A few comments after reading this thread:

1. I think the best way of determining whether or not a given machine can handle Linux is to use a Live CD, which is sort of like an entire Linux installation on a CD. You put the CD in the drive, reboot, and you're now running Linux (albeit off the CD so it's a little slow, but functionally it's the same). Additionally, because it's running off the CD, it will not write to the hard drive or otherwise disturb anything on your existing system. Remove the CD and your system will be in exactly the same state it was before. I would strongly recommend Knoppix for this purpose, which is freely available at LinuxISO

2. A (possibly) simpler analogy to illustrate Hyperthreading is to compare it to doing several loads of laundry. You could either wash one load, put it into the dryer, wait for it to dry, then put it away before starting on the second load. Alternatively, you could wash one load, put it in the dryer, and then while it's drying, start washing the second load. That's what hyperthreading does, and clearly, it saves a lot of time over the first approach.

3. Macromedia offers Linux versions for some things (Flash) but not others (Shockwave). If you absolutely must use products that are not supported in Linux, then it seems to me that the best solution would be to set up your machine as a dual boot Linux / Windows.

-- J.W.
Old 07-08-2004, 08:57 PM   #6
Registered: Jun 2004
Location: Morgantown, WV
Distribution: Slackware 10.0
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Dream Weaver and Shockwave I think might be installable with either WINE (, WINE is not an emulator is a windows package for running windows frograms in Xwindows) or with codeweavers CrossOverOffice ( a more user friendly version of WINE kinda).. but Crossover office costs money... not too much but money none the less.

J.W. , Yeah washing machines is eaiser to understand then Plinko.... Just not as cool.... but eaiser to understand

Plinko rawks


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