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GEJOE DANIEL 12-03-2005 03:01 AM

Asus and linux kernel issues
The support of Asus company for open source is dull and hence iam struggling with my onbuilt display card and others(LAN Card) most of them being Sis (company) components on my Asus motherboard..I went to download the drivers from sis but didn't get...when i tried google i found that several people are there with similar problem...(Amd64,Asus K8S motherbrd).iam using Fc3 and the default kernel doesn't contain Sis190(Lan card) driver for my system ,so i downloaded and compiled a new kernel( am not satisfied since
everytime i need to restart the network
"service restart network"
I check the net connection using the ping command.
So i installed FC4 which had 2.6.11 kernel version which again didn't have the driver problem.But i found that the kernels 2.6.14 onwards have Sis190 module in them.But the rpm was not available for FC3 and hence i installed Fc4 and then
installed the rpm kernel.Here the net is working but takes lot of time to boot and open terminal and browser...should i compile the kernel source code(2.6.14 tar.bz2 format) by customising it for my hardware???

Also ....Tux racer game runs in a worst manner
on my can i inform/request the kernel developers to
include(Sis760 display driver for the on-built VGA card and other) drivers in
the later kernels for ASUS which is discouraging open source???
.I tried in but couldn't succeed...or can
you people convey this message please??

thanks in advance..

WhatsHisName 12-04-2005 02:40 AM

When you run into problems with onboard components like nic's, sound and video, it's often a lot simpler to buy a linux-friendly card to replace it than it is to get the component working.

It makes even more sense to buy components that are known to be linux-compatible in the first place, which is not meant as a criticism of your situation, but is just a simple statement of fact.

GEJOE DANIEL 12-05-2005 06:04 AM

Mine is Asus k8s motherboard..which lan card should i go for??
About modem---i have D-Link,does that work under linux???
ABout VGA card???
I'am using Fc4 and Sis190 onbuilt lan card to connect to net in my college lan....
Please help me...

WhatsHisName 12-05-2005 11:23 AM

A good place to start when looking for new hardware is the Hardware Compatibility List:

You will immediately notice that some manufacturers have lots of entries, which makes it somewhat likely that their future products will be supported one day. And, likewise, you will notice that some manufacturers are conspicuously absent.

If you’re interested in something not in the HCL, then do a google search for the name and/or part number of the item and see what people are saying about it. Also see what the manufacturer says about linux support on their support site.

Regarding LAN cards, I have been buying SysKonnet gigabit replacement cards recently, because of their linux driver support.

Modems I can’t help you with, but life is usually more pleasant if you get an external modem. Controllerless internal Win modems often don’t work in linux, or so people say.

Recommending video cards can start flame wars, so I’ll stay away from that one. Nvidia probably offers the best linux support, but you may need to install their drivers for newer cards. You will see lots of posts in this forum about installing their drivers.

One thing to keep in mind about unsupported onboard state-of-the-art hardware is that it may be supported some day in the future, depending on who the manufacturer is.

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