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doralsoral 12-30-2003 01:20 AM

Asus A7V600 probs with redhat 9
ok i just got a new A7V600 mobo with 512mb of DDR 400 ram. and now when im in Redhat 9 it lags like every 5 seconds. ive got an Athlon 2100 with a 266 FSB. i went to 2 computer stores before i got the ram and one guy said that it wouldnt run at 400 and that it would just run at 333 even if i got the 400 ram, but the guy at the other store said it would run at 400 because trhe system bus and the memory bus are seperate now. could this be what is making my computer lag, is that its set on 400 but not being able to run that fast? has anyone else had problems with this mobo on rdhat 9 or any other distro

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