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jlokdsri 09-11-2013 01:49 AM

Anybody have KEF X300A desktop speakers working on Linux?
The KEF X300A desktop speakers have a built-in DAC, which earlier this year was reported to need a hack in the kernel to get them to work:

Anybody have experience with these? As the hack in the kernel was incomplete, and removed some functionality, I hope to get confirmation the kernel has been patched for this--before I go ahead and buy these. Thanks!

Ztcoracat 10-01-2013 11:33 PM

Hi: Welcome to Linux Questions!-;)

Sorry I don't have experence with those particular speakers.

If you already purchased those speakers you can try:

commenting out the contents of snd_usb_create_mixer in the source alsa-driver-1.0.25/sound/usb/mixer.c:
By putting the # (pound sign) in front of the argument-

int snd_usb_create_mixer(struct snd_usb_audio *chip, int ctrlif,
> int ignore_error)

Or you could try a more current version of the kernel.

I like Logitech products and they work well with my Fedora and Black Opal machine.
The Z323 speakers and subwoofer work very well:-

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