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yuppi21 11-10-2003 06:56 AM

Anybody have a idea for a clean&safe electric installation?
Can anybody advise me what is the BEST & SAFE way to install all the wires and plugs?
Even in offices they seem to have wires eveywere, what to do untill wireless becomes a standard?:scratch: I mean untill I can get some 2ndhand.
Anyone have a idea?

My installation is quit worrying, the wall plug I used started making a wierd noise and sparkels when I plugged-unplugged, so I pulled a long cable from the next room. Now I have to becarefull not to trip over and pull any wires.
I don't know much about electricity. (Where I live, same kind of place cavemen used, is 220W / 6A.-old building not adapted to all this use of electricity. :cry: )
I was thinking of just fixing 10-20 plugs with switches for each, on a peace of wood by my desk... why don't they sell stuff like that? There must be some reason, and so maybe my idea isn't so good.

Will just one original wall plug be enough for all my hardware (2 computers, 2 monitors,printer, scanner, tablet, external HD, cd rw, the lights ) should I calculate the somme of used electricity?
If yes how am I supposed to know if it's OK.

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