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stress_junkie 09-11-2007 06:59 PM

Announcement: new HPLIP (2.7.7) is worth installing
Yesterday I installed the latest version of the Hewlett Packard printer driver package and I'm glad that I did. The new printer driver fixed a problem that I have had with my HP Deskjet D4160. I had been forced to power cycle the printer between print jobs. For some reason if I sent two separate print jobs to the printer the second one would cause the printer to get into a weird unrecoverable state where it would just blink two of the indicator lights. Now that I've installed v2.7.7 of HPLIP that problem is fixed.

Even though this is on Source Forge it is the official HP driver developed by HP. :)

Naturally if your HP printer works now then don't "fix" it.

I had one problem with the installer. It stripped the secondary groups from my normal user accounts and replaced whatever was there with the lp group. If you use secondary group membership extensively, as I do, then you will have to fix your user accounts after you run the installer.

MS3FGX 09-12-2007 12:02 PM

I had to upgrade my wife's Kubuntu machine to the latest version a few days ago because her new printer (PhotoSmart C4280) didn't work with the version Kubuntu shipped with.

Beyond it having trouble determining which dependencies were met, the install went fine. Though it would have been nice if the older version had some mechanism of telling you that your printer wasn't supported. It just said the printer had an unknown error, and it was awhile before I figured out that the hardware required a later version to even work.

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