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halfpower 10-06-2006 09:09 AM

alsaconf doesn't detect AC'97
When I run the command "alsaconf" it doesn't detect my AC'97 audio system (Realtek ALC850). It does allow me to probe for legacy cards. When I do this it still does not list AC'97. It does list the following:


opl3sa2 Yamaha OPL3SA2+
cs4236  Cirrus Logic CS4235-9
cs4232  Cirrus Logic CS4232
cs4231  Generic CS4231
es18xx  ESS ES18xx AudioDrive
es1688  ESS ESx688 AudioDrive
sb16        Sound Blaster 16
sb8        Sound Blaster 1.0/2.0/Pro

Are any of these cards compatible with AC'97? How can I install my AC'97 based Realtek ALC850 integrated audio system?

chimi 10-06-2006 10:00 AM

I have the same audio card and alsaconf detected it no problem...
maybe it is the kernel, did you build it??
maybe it the version of alsa, that's old and doesn't support that card... check

also go to your /usr/src directory, cd to linux directory (supposing it is your kernel source directory) and as root execute 'make menuconfig' and in the section "device drivers" seek for this card... see if it was included in your kernel

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