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bhay 08-28-2002 09:30 PM

ALSA sound works...and then goes away slightly less newbie colleague helped me get and use ALSA to configure a Crystal Sound chipset. I run the configure and the install and then exit KDE and startX again. Sound Works....this is a good thing. However, the next time a cold boot, I get the original dev doesn't exist error message and have to rerun the install process to get sound to work. Anyone have any ideas how to chase this one down?

MasterC 08-29-2002 05:49 AM

If you need to load modules to get it going, you'll need to uncomment the modules needed in /etc/rc.d/rc.modules

If the module name isn't in there, go ahead and put it in there, adhering to the surrounding syntax. Example:

You need to modprobe LQrules to make your computer work, LQrules is not a standard module, and does not exist in rc.modules. So open the file with your favorite text editor and add

/sbin/modprobe LQrules

And just for standards sake, I would add this near the section on audio.


bhay 08-29-2002 08:42 PM


I looked for the "Big Hairy Idiot Newbie" smiley but there wasn't one so I settled for confused. I looked into my Rc.modules and discovered that I was doing the modprobe call as "modprobe intel8x0". It was supposed to be "modprobe snd-intel8x0". Correcting it made it work...what a suprise. Man, being a Newbie sucks. Okay...being stupid sucks worse. Thanks for the reply.


MasterC 08-30-2002 05:04 AM

Being a newbie sucks is fine. But being stupid sucks is not true. Lack of knowledge due to "just learning" is not stupid, it's "apprenticeship". Stupid is having to be told 10 times that to get from text mode to Gui in Linux is done by typing startx. That's stupid, and it's ignorant. But being told 1 to 3 times, that's just teaching, with a few reminders.

Have a Fine Navy day

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