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patientzero 08-27-2003 12:53 AM

ALSA and Echo Mia 24bit Sound in RH 9 ?

Running RH 9 (needed ximian desktop - doesn't work in mdk 9.1) with a sblive value and a echo mia 24bit soundcard.

Want to get the mia to work. Went to the alsa project website found out there was some kind of a driver thing to compile and run, etc. for the mia (by Echo Corporation) soundcard.

D/led it and installed as per instructions off of the alsa site- got all the latest stuff (alsa drivers and generic eag and ea drivers for the mia.)


It doesn't install modprobe properly to be run from anywhere (out of a symbolic link in /sbin) and I have no idea what the hell I'm doing- Linux audio is waaay out of my league but I love linux and need to get the hell out of winblows so here I am needing help (like the rest of us non-guru types...)

Please help!

Here are links to the instructions and so forth that I have followed to the letter.

Thanks for the help!

patientzero 08-27-2003 01:17 AM

So apparently I did some of it right because when I run a ./alsasound status it tells me that ALSA is loaded... now how I get this to play music I don't know...

I've run every mixer program I have to make sure it's not muted... what else is there?

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