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bertb 12-22-2003 10:11 AM

Almost freeze on IBM xSeries 305
We have a serious problem when operating the new 2.6.0 kernel release on the IBM xSeries 305 server platform. The 2.6.0 kernel is installed over a Suse 8.2 professional install. At first glance everything works ok, but when increasing the load with e.g. Hackbench (application recommended for testing kernel stability), this application crashes and other terminal sessions cannot access the file system anymore. For example, cat /proc/version does not work anymore. You can see the entry of characters on the screen, but no command is executed.

I know that Suse does not support 2.6.0 right now, and the xSeries 305 is certainly not certified for this new kernel release, but I would like to know more about possible debug strategies to be able to pinpoint the problem to IBM and/or the kernel development community in more detail.

Any suggestion to see the kernel status without the need to access the file system are welcome!

hw-tph 12-23-2003 03:18 AM

The first thing I come to think of right off is that you may have some system-level program incompatibility. You may want to read the Documentation/Changes file in the Linux source tree to see if you have the required versions of these programs. For reference, here is the part I think you should have more than just a quick look at:

o  Gnu C                  2.95.3                  # gcc --version
o  Gnu make              3.78                    # make --version
o  binutils              2.12                    # ld -v
o  util-linux            2.10o                  # fdformat --version
o  module-init-tools      0.9.10                  # depmod -V
o  e2fsprogs              1.29                    # tune2fs
o  jfsutils              1.1.3                  # fsck.jfs -V
o  reiserfsprogs          3.6.3                  # reiserfsck -V 2>&1|grep reiserfsprogs
o  xfsprogs              2.1.0                  # xfs_db -V
o  pcmcia-cs              3.1.21                  # cardmgr -V
o  quota-tools            3.09                    # quota -V
o  PPP                    2.4.0                  # pppd --version
o  isdn4k-utils          3.1pre1                # isdnctrl 2>&1|grep version
o  nfs-utils              1.0.5                  # showmount --version
o  procps                3.1.13                  # ps --version
o  oprofile              0.5.3                  # oprofiled --version

Not meeting the above requirements may cause the system to act weirdly or possibly not work at all. Furthermore, I assume you have checked the logs after your hackbench sessions to see if there are any curious messages there.


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