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Mr Marmmalade 07-01-2003 08:58 AM

ali aladdin v agp stinks :scratch: :scratch: :scratch:
i have been unable to find any patches or help/info on the ALI Aladdin V agp problems (unstable), when using agp. the chipset is known to be horrible with dodgey agp. my motherboard is a Microstar MS-5169, with a k6-2 500 :rolleyes: (ok so its not cutting edge techmology but it is good for action quake2 :D ). i have a geforce2mx in it and with previous nvidia drivers the system would eventually hang when i enabled the nvidia driver, and with the latest 4363 (i think) drivers it quickly dumps me out of a GL game (doesnt hang like used to) to the desktop where it mucks up the desktop to the nuts 'desktop is bigger than screen' nuisance. ok, so the latest driver is maybe a step forward from the old, but my machine is still useless for games, which is the most important thing right. im now using mandrake 9.1 with kernel 2.4.21-0.13mdk, anyone know how to fix this, or if a newer kernel would sort out this problem? it's been stopping my use of linux for games for months now!!! :( PLEASE somebody help, or let me know how or if this can be fixed, i'd really appreciate any correspondance from people with this porblem (same motherboard chipset+agp nvidia geforce). argh!

also quickie: ive gone from slackware8.1 to mandrake 9.1, why does mandrake not like the root have its own gui settings (i.e. do a runlevel 3 (i think) login as root, then boot up X, it gives a red backgroud as if its a warning, and it poped up with a message warning too). its just crazy, how'd i get rid of the red(its not wallpaper as that loads up llater)?


Mr Marmmalade 07-08-2003 05:11 AM

ok, i've fixed the problem so i'm writing it here in case anyone else needs to know how i did it:
do as per
but works with latest 4363 drivers (os-registry is located in usr/src/nv within folder you extracted driver to). once edited the 3 bits as per the link above, save & exit. typing make then does some stuff but not enought to install the drivers. then go back to the main extracted folder and you'll see a file called 'nvidia-installer*', which won't run in the same way as the original *.run file; instead run it by typing "./nvidia-installer" without the quotation marks. and then do as it says. make sure to edit the xf86config file as per the nvidia readme (it was inside the driver, you extracted it earlier). now it all works!
note: i never fixed the problem of compiling not working in mandrake 9.1, probably due to missing kernel modules (?), so i went back to slackware 8.1 and it all went beautifully! bless slackware's sturdy cotton hiking socks.
horrah! and now quake2 works in openGL... now only got to re-sort out my network and sound system and the cd-roms and the...

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