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Jzarecta 07-10-2007 02:32 PM

Accessing devices from udev
Anyone know the main players when it comes to udev manipulation. Things like commands, parameters and other sorts of tools that are udev-related on user space.

I want to know how to access to the different devices, list them get extended data and setting up basic rules upon them.

Hern_28 07-11-2007 09:47 AM

Search for wirting udev rules.
A basic link that will get you started is:

Its a bit basic, but will get you the general format to get started.

This link contains a few more advanced options for setting up.

Good Luck :)

Jzarecta 07-11-2007 01:04 PM

Many thanks I'll get in it.

Hern_28 07-11-2007 01:08 PM

Anytime :).

maroonbaboon 07-11-2007 07:25 PM

A collection of udev links.

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