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Aeiri 03-16-2004 12:46 PM

A7N8X-E Deluxe onboard sound, kernel 2.6.4
Does anyone know how to set up the onboard sound for A7N8X-E Deluxe on kernel 2.6.4? I have everything else working fine, except no sound...

I think it might be an ALSA configuration problem with drivers, but I can't figure it out, please help!

SCOSWriter 05-26-2005 05:50 AM

Yeah, I have the same issue with the 2.6.8-24.10 default SuSE 9.2 Kernel. Everything else I have working too except the sound. I even got a ATI 9800 Pro card to work, with 3d acceleration.

I know the sound can work since it works in Windows. I even tried the newest nvdia driver which was just released recently. It specifically says it now supports this motherboard.

Basically it seems like the sound should work because everything is running. All the modules loaded an are running and the system tells me its all honky dory... so where is the sound. I have thought it might be that I'm not getting sound because I'm using the spid/f or digital output on this card. I know that windows will not produce sound unless you tell it to output digital. I'm simply just to lazy to get back in the mess of cables and use the mini-plugs... hmm where are they anyway. Honestly I'm about ready to get a new mobo. This piece of crap has given me so much trouble, however I think I'll bite the bullet and wait another year to intel 64-bit chips get cheaper. Its funny how all the mainstream system builds just work. The newest bios has not helped either (1013). I have had video card issues as well but thats another story.

In my next system, I'm sticking to an Intel board and all and I'm getting an Nvidia. These days there really is no difference in price if you add up all the extra crap. Time is money too.

Sorry about my little rant. keep me and this post posted if anything surmounts. This motherboard is ageing and due to this fact there really is no reason that it should not be fully supported by just about everything out there. Its almost so old that no one cares about it anymore.

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