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webman1214 03-29-2003 01:56 PM

802.11b wireless pci adapters compatible with mandrake 9.0
If anyone could help me, i need to know of a wireless pci 802.11b card that is compatible with mandrake linux, i would prefer ones that can install seamlessly, i have a netgear wireless router and i need a wireless nic for it thats compatible with linux and is pci, or i guess usb ones too if there is one thats compatible any help would be appreciated! thanks!


finegan 04-16-2003 11:04 PM

The DWL-520 (the original one, not the DWL-520+)

Also, the Linksys WMP11, as long as it is NOT the v2.7.

The Netgear card too is another prism2 chipset... the MA311 I think its called?

All of these will work with a simple:

modprobe orinoco_pci

And then you can use the network GUI wizard ma-bob thing of Mandy or if you have problems, post back and I can lead you through hand configuring it.



webman1214 04-17-2003 05:35 PM

Thank you for the advice, I purchased the D-Link card but i dont have linux installed yet, im still waiting for my second hardrive to ship in. I dont understand what you mean by orionco_pci? (recently discovered linux) so if you could explain things to me a little more I would appreciate it alot, thanks :-)

finegan 04-17-2003 08:11 PM

That command, typed in as root, from the command line, will load the driver to get the card working. modprobe is a command to load a module, or in the windows world, a driver, and orinoco_pci is the name of the driver.



webman1214 04-17-2003 10:07 PM

Ok thanks, Now when I use that command, you mentioned I could use the networking configurator, How would I configure the card, would it just show up as wireless card? can I do wep and stuff like that? I thank you for your help


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