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Creak 07-09-2004 09:22 AM

[PB] nVidia 6106 driver on Debian
Hi all !

i've got a big problem in order to install the latest nVidia drivers.
Here is my configuration:
- Debian GNU/Linux (unstable - kernel 2.6.5)
- GeForce III (3d prophet - hercules)
- ~780Mo RAM
- AMD 1800+ (up to 1650MHz)


The installation of the v6106 nVidia drivers block my whole pc. When gdm starts, i only got a black screen and nothing happen then... even Ctrl+Alt+1 or Ctrl+Alt+BackSpace don't work... It was really hard for me to recover a normal disk boot.

I used to compile the nVidia drivers by the APT tree (apt-get install nvidia-glx nvidia-kernel-source), but for 3 weeks, this tree is completely f**ked up for the nvidia packages.
I've got really big booting problems then, and i had to use another disk in order to "chroot" to my main disk...
After 4 hours, i succeed in installing the nVidia drivers that are downloadable from their site (whithout any conflict with the older ones). Now everything works fine, but i still use the version 5336.

Did someone succeed to install the 6106 ones ??

I heard that we can win a lots of fps, and even if linux hasn't a lot of games on it, i like to play ut2k4 from times to times :)

I'd be eternally greatfull :D

quest4knowledge 07-09-2004 01:12 PM

well, I run gentoo. but I have 6106 installed on my 2.6.7 kernel and it runs great.

Creak 07-10-2004 06:40 AM

I'm happy for you ;)
But do you think its because i'm running under 2.6.5 ?

quest4knowledge 07-10-2004 01:38 PM

I just upgraded to 2.6.7 from 2.6.4 and I had installed 6106 on 2.6.4 also and it worked fine. Im compiling it from the gentoo portage tree though and not from the nvidia site download.

One thing that might make a difference is if you compiled your own linux kernel or youre using the debian stock kernel. Since, I think, the nvidia-kernel compiles against the linux kernel header files. Dont quote me on this. lol.

Hope this helps.

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