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abz 05-05-2001 06:42 AM

Hi There,
Can i have your opinions please as to what Distro is the preferred choice used by IT Pro's or even hackers.
I am Planning to set up a linux network at home as a hobby and also to learn some programming and some database work and want a distro that is going to be up to the job.
what are other peoples experience? which distro is the preferred choice of businesses.

any opinions you throw my way will be appreciated.

KevinJ 05-05-2001 01:15 PM

I recommend Redhat or Debian. Both have very different tools but are very good. In the end they pretty much work the same.

rshaw 05-05-2001 02:30 PM

here's my 2 cent's worth

redhat or suse

x86havoc 05-06-2001 02:33 AM

fwiw, i'd start with redhat, it seems pretty perfect <shudder>, almost nothing can go wrong unless you're using some really new or really exotic hardware.
ya know, some weird old ram or something like a brandnew usb product etc...
it pro's, hackers? as far as they use *nix/clones they are more into security issues (no redhat, no susan either)...

trickykid 05-07-2001 07:50 AM

Well in my experience I would recommend Slackware as the choice for mainly hackers. For business purposes I would recommend RedHat. Its the most known or most used by businesses as far as I know.

KevinJ 05-07-2001 08:29 AM

The only problem I found trying to really learn Slackware and Redhat at the same time was that Slackware tends to do things differently than almost any other distro. I really liked it, but it made learning Redhat a little more difficult.
I only use Redhat now, but that's mainly because I need to support it commercially and I want to know it in and out.

xion 05-08-2001 04:34 PM

I would say Mandrake 8.0 or Debian. Debian can be a bear to install sometimes but all around its a great distro (sometimes a little outdated). Mandrake 8 seems to fixed alot of the problems they had with the 7.x versions plus it seems to have the best hardware support for newer equipment.

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