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abrindell 11-16-2008 12:03 PM

YellowDog 6.0 PS3 YUM Installing Packages Help!
I've searched and searched and I'm posting here as a first attempt at asking! I installed YellowDog Linux 6 onto my Playstation 3. I have a decent amount of experience using UBuntu and OpenSuSE. Mainly, what I would like to know about is package management in YDL. In Ubuntu, for example, there's Synaptic Package Manager. In YDL, there's YUM. Being Command line, it's less intuitive.
  • What I'm looking for is a HOW TO USE YUM in the context of YDL. So that I can actually use this instance of YDL on the ole' PS3. Ie; How do I search external repos and download , like in Synaptic Package Manager?
  • Also, I'd like to figure out why in the heck Flash doesn't work in a site like Youtube. Gnash is installed in Firefox but, no go.

Any help much appreciated!

BlueC 11-16-2008 02:12 PM

did you try "man yum"

some useful yum commands:

yum update
yum search whatever
yum list | grep whatever
yum repolist

or, via google:

abrindell 11-17-2008 09:30 AM

Hi. Thanks for the response. Yes, I did try 'man yum'. I eventually "got it". I just had this disconnect between YUM, installing software and the Add/Remove manager in YDL 6.

Here are my conclusions in order to help someone who may be in my position one day! I hope this helps. Oh, and I'm NOT A Linux GURU, just a HUGE FAN!

1. YUM is used to install packages and it has 3 repos associated with it out-of-the-box. Personally I found those repos limited(didn't have a lot of software choices. For example, I couldn't do an install of Transmission from there. Heck, I couldn't even do an install. I was lost.
I discovered that inside of YUM , you can do searches of software by doing something like "YUM SEARCH <software title>". These searches were hitting the 3 default repos.
You can add more repos to the list thus giving you more choices for software. Not only that but you can and should make sure that YUM keeps up with the updates to the software you bring in. YUM is command line and as much as I respect that, I don't prefer command line.
Also, with command line, you run the risk of the OS not placing an icon for the software in the drop down, So...

2. Add/Remove Software GUI is a Package Manager and connects directly to YUM's list of repos. Therefore, if you add a new repo, you could do something like install Transmission, like I wanted to do originally. This also lets me use a GUI instead of command line. What originally confused me is because I use Ubuntu. Ubuntu is different because it has one GUI window that lets you download software from REPOS and then it has a local version of that same thing which lets you add remove that same software, but still be able to KEEP IT on the current machine. YDL is either install it and have it on your machine OR uninstall it and the software will be removed from your machine.

Now with these two things together, I stumbled upon two very good sites that further brought these concepts home for me. The first site is called "Small Guide to Installing Stuff on Yellow Dog Linux For PS3".
This site hit the nail on the head for me. It shows how to add repos quickly and easily , then install some programs , all using the GUI.

The other site that was useful was "How to install software (the easy way)".

I hope this helps.

BlueC 11-17-2008 04:33 PM

Yes, the repos for YDL are very lacking (TerraSoft may someday sponsor a community "extras" repo... I may ask them about it again), however you can usually track down CentOS source RPMs and rebuild them for YDL like this (not as root!!):


rpmbuild --rebuild --target=`uname -m` some-package-1.0.src.rpm
To do this, you first need rpmbuild installed (as root):


yum install rpm-build
Then create an rpmbuild environment, (not as root):


cd ~
mkdir ~/rpmbuild
mkdir ~/rpmbuild/BUILD
mkdir ~/rpmbuild/RPMS
mkdir ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES
mkdir ~/rpmbuild/SPECS
mkdir ~/rpmbuild/SRPMS

echo "%_topdir /home/`whoami`/rpmbuild" > ~/.rpmmacros

Then track down the required SRPM for CentOS and download it (make sure it is the SRPM and not the RPM!) and do (not as root!):


rpmbuild --rebuild --target=`uname -m` some-package-1.0.src.rpm
It will probably require some build dependencies, so you need to install those dependencies with yum and if you can't find them in the repos then you will need to find the CentOS SRPM of the dependency and build/install that... sometimes the dependency has a dependency you also can't find in YDL repos so this can be a bit of an ongoing chain but usually you get there in the end!

So, once you've built the RPMs they get placed in ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/arch/ and you just install them with:


rpm -Uvh some-package-1.0.rpm
Welcome to YDL and it's poor repos!

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