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AtomiX 01-12-2003 05:19 PM

Yahoo! Messenger Buggin' in Red Hat 8/Gnome
Using Gnome under Red Hat 8, Yahoo Messenger doesn't display text in message or chat windows. All I can see is emotiocons if I or the person i'm talking to sends one. Any Ideas? (Of course, I already checked text color)

vher 01-13-2003 01:05 AM

i download the yahoo messeger for linux and installed in my redhat 8 running and working fine

jang 01-13-2003 01:51 AM

Had the same problem before, but no one can answer my question. I ended up using GAIM.

vher 01-13-2003 03:00 AM

why dont u try using imici where u can use it for MSN, ICQ, YAHOO and AOL

jang 01-13-2003 08:38 PM

Gaim also supports ICQ, AIM and other programs too. But am currently just using Yahoo, so GAIM is pretty much ok for me.

binil_thomas 02-07-2003 09:02 AM

Has Anyone fixed this?
Have the same problem .... And I cant use GAIM from India.
Has anyone fixed this problem with Yahoo? Please let me know.

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